Our Approach

It's not our intention to just satisfy our clients, nor to simply to please them... Our intention is to amaze them!

What we do…


We design beautiful buildings                  

Ari Gessler founded AGA with a vision of beauty.  Our goal is to design beautiful houses for the families and friends that live within them.  Simple materials - concrete, stone, wood, glass and metal are thoughtfully considered, composed and detailed to create timeless spaces which raise the spirit.  Tasteful design compliments the context of each unique site, from urban to rural.  We promote sustainable building practices because we take responsibility in our work. Honest care is given to the design process and the way we connect and interact with our clients.  Most of all, we want our clients to live in beauty.

How we do it…


We provide full service to our clients        

Clients come to us because they want to improve their home and enhance the way they live and share time with their family and friends.  We listen to our clients to help them clarify and balance their goals within the necessary constraints of their building project.  With a focus on design excellence, we offer creative solutions and guidance to our clients throughout the entire project, from initial concepts through the end of construction.  Drawing from our education and experience, AGA's team provides prudent and professional management to the process of strategic planning and building of residences and estates.

Who we work with…


We work with talented craftspeople and artisans

Collaborative partnerships are the key to each project’s success.  We often assist our clients in assembling the project team of consultants, designers, builders and fabricators so each member can provide their unique expertise and perspective.  Because we work hand-in-hand with highly skilled industry leaders, the ideal solutions quickly materialize with precision and care.  We then leverage our collective experience to address any challenges which may arise on a full range of project types: from renovations and remodels to new multi-building construction and custom furnishings.